Independent student work

Examples of independent student work could include:

1. Create a glossary of the key words from the topic tables on the curriculum website (Glossary Word Template - Flashcard PowerPoint)

2. Read for at least an hour a day. You could access free online books on the following websites

3. Use the Cultural capital website ( to complete CC@JPA '5 a day' diary - Template Part 1 Word format - Template Part 1 PDF form

4. Go on to Frog Play to access the wide range of quizzes and past exam questions available. You can also track your progress NB access it from the Frog Play icon in the quick launch section of the VLE

5. Use the following websites to explore and revise a range of subjects. You could also use these sites, plus the information on the classroom section of the VLE, to create revision materials for all the topics you have studied this year –

Template Knowledge Organiser 

6. Create a personal diary or newspaper for each day you are working at home. What did you do? How did you feel? What significant thing happened that day? Create your own, write it in your planner or use the templates here: Journal Diary - Newspaper

7. Carry out your own personal project - use the following template to help (attachment provided)

8. For some cultural relaxation try and colour by numbers the attached pieces of art - (zip file)

9. Have a go at some of the 'The Great indoors' tasks on the following website

10. Why don't you have a go at the 'do at home' science experiments on the Royal Institution website NB remember 'Health and Safety'; don't injure yourselves!

11. Why don't you enter the New York Times 15 second vocabulary video challenge. Also send your videos to Mr Faraday so he can upload your videos onto the website.

12. Have a go at the story challenge below - send entries to Mr Faraday (

13. YouTube in collaboration with Khan Academy have created a wealth of resources to explore. There are a mindboggling breadth of playlists, live tutorials and channels to investigate. To get started please visit the following site

14. If students are interested in considering their future career and the skills that they might need they can complete the age specific careers booklets here - Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10, Year 11, Post 16

15. BBC has produced a wealth of lessons and resources that students can access to support their learning. Links to BBC Teach and BBC Learn are found here. and


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